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Past, Present and a Bright Future

Wiffy Bog Farm Bed and Breakfast, near Elk Mountain Ski Resort
If a farmhouse could speak, no doubt the Wiffy Bog would have quite a story to tell. It has stood quietly on the roadside of what is now Route 106 in West Clifford for almost 100 years. It could tell of births, deaths, warm summer breezes, cold winter snows, warm family gatherings and cozy intimate chats. A lot of changes took place over those 100 years and as times and fortunes changed, the farmhouse fell into disrepair.

Hard Work Restores Quality
When Jim and Valerie Cole considered purchasing the house in 1982, they saw beyond the leaking roof and antiquated plumbing. They saw what the house had been and what it could again become. So, they purchased the house and 40 acres of farmland surrounding it, rolled up their sleeves, and started the long process of renovating. The ultimate goal was to restore the Victorian Farmhouse to its original splendor.

"The first winter, we didn't do anything downstairs because we had to gut the entire second floor and put in new wiring and plumbing," Jim said. "We slept in what is now the breakfast room, and it was so cold in there you could wake up in the middle of the night and see your breath," he said.

During the first few years, the Coles concentrated on the main house, restoring the kitchen, living room and bedrooms so the house would be comfortable for their guests.

Heirlooms and Antiques
"When these rooms were completed, we turned our attention to decorating because we wanted to restore all of the Victorian moldings and fixtures and furnish the rooms with family heirlooms and appropriate antiques," Valerie said. "We were very glad to take a break from the heavy construction for awhile."

The Cole's hard work paid off and soon the Bed and Breakfast was booked well in advance through ski season. It became one of the most popular places to stay in the Elk Mountain area.

But, not a couple to rest on their laurels, Jim and Valerie began making plans to further restore the house. Top priorities were restoring the Victorian front porch, painting the house's exterior and turning the "summer kitchen" into guest suites.

"These renovations were time consuming because they involved a lot of delicate detail work," Jim said. "Each of the porch poles had to be hand turned and an architect by the name of Tim Aikman of Dalton, was hired to help us choose the authentic Victorian colors for the exterior of the house. We finally decided on coral pink, grey and tan," he said.

For most of our guests, Elk Mountain Ski Resort is their first choice. The Wiffy Bog is less than 5 miles from Elk, on the mountain access road. You drive past our door to get there. For those looking for a change of pace, we are just one hour from the Pocono Mountain Ski Resorts, 45 minutes from Sno Mountain, and 60 miles from Greek Peak in New York State.

The Wiffy Bog farm is open year 'round. Whether you spend your day skiing, hunting, boating, fishing, hiking, bicycling, antiqueing, or exploring, you'll find a good night's rest in our home.

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Wiffy Bog Farm
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